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Construction efficiency, decided by five aspects

As the saying goes: Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their best. Equipping your ® excavator with the correct equipment will greatly improve the construction efficiency, not only work faster and more efficiently, but also reduce fuel consumption, business is naturally booming!
  Tooling matching
  When the excavator is working, the tooling specifications and models will affect the digging performance, stability, working cycle time and fuel consumption, so the "optimal matching" of tooling is very important;
   Excessive tooling configuration leads to excessive engine speed, increased hydraulic power output, longer excavation time and excessive excavation force;
   Too small tooling configuration will result in reduced output and additional work cycles;
   These conditions will increase fuel consumption. You need to communicate with the agent according to the specific working conditions and choose the most suitable bucket to achieve the best operating income.
  Each equipment is designed according to the working conditions. Under complex working conditions, for various construction needs, it is recommended to scientifically match the equipment to maximize fuel efficiency.
Generally, the construction performance of the same level of equipment is not much different, but different equipment will have their own strengths. For example, some equipment has a more obvious fuel saving effect in high-intensity and long-term operations (such as 336D2 XE), and some equipment can Minimize operating costs per unit of time (eg 336D2 GC). How to correctly use the equipment in the working conditions it is best at is the key and necessary condition to maximize fuel efficiency.
  Tire selection
  Engineering tire manufacturer research shows that the correct use of radial tires can save up to 10% of fuel consumption. Among them, the tire pressure has the most significant effect on fuel efficiency: if the tire pressure is insufficient, the resistance of the wheeled equipment will be greater, which will increase fuel consumption, and the production will be reduced due to the unstable movement of the equipment; Change the ride comfort of the wheeled equipment, increase the material loss caused by the bumps, and thus affect the output.
  Special configuration
   The equipment is designed with various fuel-saving and production-increasing configurations, such as multiple operating modes, fuel management system, anti-skid traction device and load sensing hydraulic system, etc. These configurations can be targeted according to the construction needs under different working conditions, which can increase the output while reducing the user's operating costs.
   Matching of loading and transportation equipment
  The correct configuration of excavators, loaders and transportation vehicles can also affect fuel efficiency. Ideally, filling a truck in 4-6 loading cycles is the best match. Usually, the agent will provide the best equipment matching suggestions according to the customer's working conditions, so when you buy an excavator or loader, you can also provide the truck information to the agent so that they can give reasonable matching suggestions.
  Choosing the right equipment can improve the utilization rate of the equipment on the construction site, make the construction production more efficient, and save the fuel consumption cost of the equipment; the equipment functions are fully exerted, the machine has a longer life and higher reliability.


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