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Pay attention to four points to help you reduce parts wear

As you all know, we who work on machine-drying projects need to continue working efficiently and continuously in order to make a profit. Equipment maintenance, delaying the construction period will add a lot of cost to the construction. And in many cases, the parts are worn out and need to be replaced. The following four aspects need to be shared with you to help you reduce the wear of parts.
   Keep working at rated load
  The nature and size of the working load of construction machinery have an important influence on the loss of mechanical parts. In general, the wear of parts will increase with the increase of load. When the load on the part is higher than the designed working load, the wear will increase. Under the same conditions, stable loads have less wear and tear on parts than high-frequency dynamic loads, with fewer failures and longer life.
  Prevent corrosion of parts
   Corrosion acts on parts, sometimes it is not easy to be found, it is easy to be ignored, and it is more harmful.
  Rainwater, chemical substances in the air, etc. penetrate into the machine through the pipes and gaps of the machine parts and corrode the parts. Continued operation of the corroded parts will also accelerate the wear of the machinery and increase mechanical failure. This requires managers and operators to take reasonable construction arrangements according to the local weather conditions and site conditions at the time to minimize the harm of chemical corrosion to mechanical parts.
   Clean in time to reduce the influence of mechanical impurities
  Mechanical impurities generally refer to dust, mud and other substances and some metal shavings, grease, etc. generated by the construction machinery itself during use. Once these impurities reach the working surface of the machine, the harm is great: not only will the friction increase and the fuel consumption will increase; but also it will damage the lubricating oil film and scratch the matching surface.
  Maintain reasonable temperature of parts
  In operation, the temperature of each part has its own normal range. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the strength of the parts, so it is necessary to control the temperature of some parts with the coolant and lubricating oil, so that they work in a reasonable temperature range.
  Parts are less worn, so they can be replaced less or not. Save money, just earn!
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