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All-round low fuel consumption, capable and efficient

Located in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, Mr. Meng engaged in the engineering industry. Due to the need for road construction, he purchased a XX® (XXXX) 336D2 GC excavator in May 2015. After nearly two years of use, what are the excellent performances of the 336D2 GC? Let's take a look at what Mr. Meng said!
  Meng Meng has been working on this project for 8 years. He owns two XYZ 336Ds and is very satisfied with the work of these two XYZ equipments in all aspects. Now that there is more engineering work, we need to add a piece of equipment, so on the recommendation of XYZ, we decided to buy a newly launched 336D2 GC.
  336D2 GC
  Meng told us that the main job of the purchased 336D2 GC is the loading operation. Mr. Meng said: "I am afraid that the machine is easy to be damaged when I work on the project. I often need to repair it. This repair requires downtime. Delaying the construction period is equal to delaying making money." So Mr. Meng is very satisfied with the 336D2 GC, saying that the 336D2 GC is working. Powerful, no downtime, and basically no failure after several months of use. Not only did these performances make Mr. Meng happy to have such an efficient machine, the large and small arms reinforced by XYZ 336D2 GC can also do trenching and hoisting work. There are several roofs in the past, which are particularly versatile.
People who are working on the project are very worried about fuel consumption, but after using it for more than a few months, the workers who manage the equipment tell him that sometimes the oil used by the equipment is less than before: "336D2 GC can work more than 20 hours a day, which is particularly reliable and dry. The efficiency of the work is particularly high, the key is that the fuel consumption has been reduced. In this way, the cost has come down, and it does not affect the efficiency. I estimate that I will be able to pay back soon! For desk users who are interested in cost and efficiency, I I think this car 336D2 GC is worth starting!"
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